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San Miguel de Ibarra, well known as the “White City at always returns” is the capital of the Imbabura Province, identified by many attractions, result of its biodiversity of flora and fauna, as well as due the presence of various cultures.
It is located 126 km from Quito, 135 Km from Colombia and 185 km from San Lorenzo in the Pacific Ocean. The city is built on the hillsides of Imbabura volcano.

Population: 181.175 inhabitats
Superface: 1111.27 km2
Hight: 2.204 m.s.n.m.
Climate: Templado seco

* Urban: San Francisco, El Sagrario, Apachaca, Caranqui, Priorato.
* Rural: Lita, La Carolina, Salinas, Ambuquí, La Esperanza, Angochagua y
San Antonio de Ibarra.

North: provincia del Carchi
South: provincia de Pichincha
East: cantón Pimampiro
West: cantones Urcuquí, Antonio Ante y Otavalo

126 Km from Quito, 135 Km from Colombia  and
185 km from San Lorenzo in the Pacific Ocean


The Ibarra natural environment invite us to enjoy into wonderful experiences both adventure sports and other activities outdoors.
Kayaking, Rafting, 4 Wheeling, Paragliding,Gliders,Climbing, car racing,Puenting,Mountain bike,Canyoning, horseback riding, hiking, treking, fishing, bird watching,spas, hot springs, shopping, handycrafts,organic farms.

The ideal climate of Ibarra and its diverse natural areas, invite us to explore its marvelous nature and to discover their culture and tradition.


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